Things that bring me joy

1. Downloading a record onto my iPhone on the way to the subway stop so I have something new to listen to on the train. Today’s lucky record is the new Ultraista. It came out in October last, so maybe I’m a touch behind, but it was either that or the playlist featuring Mala Rodriguez, Roots Manuva and Mary J that’s been on eternal repeat for weeks. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

2. The reactions to my brand spankin new short play Puff Puff, which I performed with friend and long-time collaborator Ali Ayala at Sticky on Saturday night. We rocked it. The play was, well, people were offended. Actually deeply offended. But we kept them laughing the whole time, so they forgave me. The play was definitely in keeping with our theater project’s mission statement: art for non fascist living, meaning that we seek at every turn to explore the foundations of our most fundamental beliefs in order that we may rule our ideas and not be ruled by them. The play was about rape, and let’s just say I was not preaching to the choir. Jacquetta Szathmari said it was “ballsy,” which, if you know Jacquetta… She also said “it was like you just rolled a big ol’ scrotum right in here.” So I feel badass, and I love that.

3. Still my coat. It’s snowing, and I’m like toast. I mean I’m toasty.

4. That I still have two more projects happening in February: my monologue Karen, the result of a collaboration blind date between me and Homa Hynes by Mariah McCarthy, can be seen at Mariah’s PussyFest at Joria Studios on 02/10, buy tickets; and Radio Mara Mara, starting its 3-show run on 02/18.

5. The express train arriving across the platform.

2 thoughts on “Things that bring me joy

  1. you definitely are bad-ass. Immediately before your play Hannah told me (w/r/t my own play) "you can't get a laugh if the word rape is in the line." Boy did you prove her wrong….

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