Radio Mara Mara: it’s really happening

“…the fires are bright tonight, take cover where you can…”

I’d be so glad if you’d come check out this play. 
I wrote it, so that’s a bonus, but even better it stars Zoe Metcalfe-Klaw and Christopher Burris.
And is directed by my long time friend and collaborator Ali Ayala.
tickets may be purchased here.

Radio Mara Mara
In an abandoned radio station in the hills around a bombed out capital city,
the DJ and the Archivist come to terms with the world that’s left them behind.

by Libby Emmons, directed by Ali Ayala
starring: Christopher Burris and Zoe Metcalfe-Klaw

featuring the voices of:
Shawn Randall, Carol London, Imran W. Sheikh, Charlie B.E. Marcus, and David Marcus

and an original cover of N.W.A.’s F%$k the Police, by Stacy Rock

as part of John Chatterton’s Midwinter Madness Short Play Festival
Roy Arias’s Stage II
300 W. 43rd St., 4th floor

The show dates are:
Monday 02/18 7:15 pm
Thursday 02/21 8:30 pm

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