Lucretia Brown

Lucretia Brown is about 30 years old.

I had this friend once, in high school and she fucked me overfor this guy, totally betrayed me for him. And he betrayed me for her. Then when I saw her, at our five year reunion, and I knew that he fucked her over, left her pregnant and aborted, and I was all like bitch, now you know how it feels to be fucked over by someone you love. And she felt it. She felt regret, and she cried. She cried and she wanted me to cry too, she thought we shared sad feelings, but I had long since finished shedding tears for Craig Stallwich, Craig Stallwich wasn’t my heart break anymore, he was hers, and I would not sympathize with that. I hadn’t once, not since the day she took a ride home in his car and sucked his cock by the reservoir. Made me look the fool, some perkier, prettier- Genevieve always said I was prettier, and by five years later my tits were one hell of alot perkier- I wore this little, low-cut

Made sure she noticed. And while she’s there, staring at ‘em, she heard the whisper. It started like that, like a whisper, and it grew and grew until it hit her. It was me I whispered it until it was loud. I’d told everyone what happened to her. Told everyone in school about the abortion and what Craig did to her and she knew then. She knew she made a serious mistake up when she fucked over Lucretia Brown.

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