found (in my life)

Inspired almost entirely by the old zine Found and internetkhole, I’m posting some found pictures from my life.

Dave and I and DB at the Grand Canyon. I can see now why everyone thought Dave looked like trouble. 2000 maybe.
my childhood bedroom from when we lived in N. Andover, Mass. I was into Holly Hobby.
My step-cousin Sean and my Dad at his second wedding, 1981. That’s me in red. I was the flower girl.
My mom and dad sometime after their wedding.
my mom and dad at their wedding.
I moved in with my mom, step-father, and brother DB when I was 15. this is our first Christmas.
Me and brother NJE. clearly I liked that hat. pretty sure I stole it from my hs drama dept
at Dave’s grandparents old place in Northeast, with JDM and Dave.
I think this was my 10th bday. the game was trying to get donuts hanging from a pole. That’s Sarah down front. I’m the tall one grabbing the pole, and that’s Nikki behind me.
typing up notes 2001. Juniper Street. Phila.
Brad Rothbart, Dave and I in our first place in NYC. Must be 2002.
Layla took this picture of me in college. I think I stole this hat too.
hot summer day Phila with Dad and NJE for his naturalization.
20. morphine.
typing up notes with a joint. Spruce Street, Phila.
my mom when she was little, with my grandpa.
cheesecake at my wedding.
Dave’s grandparents’ house. 2001 perhaps.
traditional Norwegian costume. Lawrence, Mass.
seven years old.
the back reads: visiting Santa at Benson’s Animal Farm.
Helping the bride CJC with her hair. Lavender flower girl dress. That’s my mom in back.
at my Gram’s old house in Long Island.
me and Julia.

Places I’ve Lived part 1

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