Lando from I Am Not an Allegory (these are people i know), which we workshopped at Bowery Poetry Club in 2012. Lando was played by Matthew Murumba, and the whole thing was directed by Ali Ayala.


One winter when I was 5 years old I didn’t see anyone but my mother. That’s when I got my first guitar. She took us to this desolate beach house on a desolate wind bitten island. There was a playground we would walk to every day but no children ever came. I played by myself, or with my mother who chased me and laughed. We walked down to the beach in the afternoons but the water was too cold. I wore mittens when I built my sand castles. Our groceries were delivered in a big truck and she always made me stay in the house while the man unloaded them into the driveway and she carried the heavy bags up the two flights into the house. One day a big box came up, too, and while she unpacked all the bags she let me open it. “Go on, play with it,” she said, “make some noise.” That’s what I did, all that day and all the next. That night a storm came up, and the sirens went out loud across the island to evacuate. We didn’t have a car, so we snuggled close in mom’s big bed and listened to it howl outside, to the waves smash up against the dune. In the morning when we went out onto the deck to see what damage the sea had done, we saw that our house was now it’s own little island, surrounded on all sides by water. We waited for the water to subside, and we stayed on until tourist season, then my mother called a taxi, packed up my guitar, and we left.

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