Mary S

This is a monologue from a short play called Please Don’t Talk So Loud, which was written to be performed by Mary Sheridan, Anna Lamadrid, and Eliel Lucero, and was directed by Ali Ayala, 2009.

Mary S.
I think I speak for the whole audience when I say that I am personally offended by this play. This play is nothing more than a celebration of pornography and infidelity and I for one do not wish to celebrate either naked sex people or cheating. I know that sex is this whole sexy thing now, where people are supposed to feel comfortable with their bodies and or enjoy themselves, but I ask you people, what happened to the taboo? I loved the taboo, I relished the taboo, I got freaky with the taboo, and now everything’s supposed to be all open, and we’re supposed to expose our perversions to the light, and embrace them, and I don’t want to embrace my perversions, I want to sublimate them, I want to be made dirty on the inside while everyone sees me as pristine on the outside. We all have horrific desires, but we ought not speak about them!

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