Launched: The Paper Collective

I’ve got a show coming up in the NYC International Fringe Festival. I’m pretty excited about it, it’s called Radio Mara Mara. Most of these reasons are artistic reasons, such as: I think it’s a killer script. I love working with my director Ali Ayala. I think my cast is fucking spectacular. I’ve got some voice over actors who are signed on who really kill it in the recording studio. We’ve got an sound track brewing of all new covers from Stacy Rock, Grace McLean, Kaylin Clinton, Greencard Wedding, Mayday Radio, People with Teeth, Jeffrey Marsh, Jimmy Pravasilis, and Duv & Grace.

But after Tuesday night I’ve got a new reason to be super down with this new project:

The Paper Collective.

I was approached by multi-talented creator Joanna Bowzer with this really ingenious idea. She suggsted that since a bunch of us lady writers are making Fringe shows, we should band together for marketing. A few of us met Tuesday night, at the playground while my son had some glorious sandbox time, to talk it through. We realized that if we all jump in the lake together we can make a much bigger splash that each of us wading in on our own.

So we’re doing. We’re The Paper Collective, and we’re making art.

Come see us in the Fringe:

Radio Mara Mara by Libby Emmons, directed by Ali Ayala
Track 12 by Emily Comisar
The A-is-for-Abortion Play by Cassandra Hume, directed by Joanna Bowzer
Baptized by Kristen Lishen





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