Kierkegaard, Daft Punk, and me


Things I was thinking about while writing this morning and listening to Instant Crush and Lose Yourself to Dance specifically, but really the whole record, on eternal repeat:

This from Kierkegaard:

Whatever can be the meaning of this life? If we divide mankind into two large classes, we can say that one works for a living, the other has no need to. But working for one’s living can’t be the meaning of life; to suppose that constantly procuring the conditions of life should be the answer to the question of the meaning of what they make possible is a contradiction. Usually the lives of the other class have no meaning either, beyond that of consuming the said conditions. To say that the meaning of life is to die seems again to be a contradiction.

This from Daft Punk:

Once you free your mind about a concept of harmony and of music being correct you can do whatever you want. So nobody told me what to do and there was no preconception of what to do.

And these notes from Radio Mara Mara that, while they inform the work, don’t end up in the finished product:

Melancholy can be just as filling as joy, but it’s far easier to maintain. That’s why it’s so easy to sink in and stay there.

History isn’t what happened, it’s the story that’s told. It’s the story that’s told of ourselves. There is no real progression between one time and another, no lessons learned that don’t need to be learned and relearned by each and every person faced with the same questions in completely independent circumstances.

Then I wrote The End at the end of my first complete draft of Radio Mara Mara (because I don’t believe in End of Play).

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