Travel Young

We knew a guy in our early 20’s named Martin Hurley. He was older than us. Dave met him while working in a cafe called Ipso near South Street in Philadelphia, PA. I knew him through Dave. He had sort of a mentor quality for Dave, who was really in need of one about then. Martin said “travel to Europe before you’re 25.”

We didn’t do it, but while traveling with my mom in Italy, I started thinking about it. This is what I thought about it, so I gave it to a person who is not me, a person with a brand new watch from duty free, much like the one I just bought, but a person who is not quite me.

That’s what writers do, of course, they imprint their own thoughts on characters, then claim the thoughts were never quite their own.

Girl with a Brand New Watch
That realization came for me when I realized I was going to die. I know there’s every chance that I will die of natural causes, in old age, surrounded by all the things I’ve loved best, and that’s fine, that’s a fine way to go, but it seems so unfair that I have to get old first. Not that I’m rushing things, but I don’t want to get old. It doesn’t seem reasonable somehow. There are so many experiences I wanted to have while young, like traveling. Traveling is best while young. You’re beautiful, and adventurous, you have so much to offer, like a youthful perspective, a killer body, and then… as you age, suddenly… I wanted to sleep around. I thought, when I’m young and traveling, I’ll sleep around. But I didn’t travel when I was young. And now it’s just too late.


2 thoughts on “Travel Young

  1. Well, I’m living proof and can’t comment without tears
    your perception (as usual) is wise and wish I knew then what I know now….I don’t want to be in the pitty party and, personally, try to avoid what I’ve missed.

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