See Radio Mara Mara in the flesh

I’ve been writing about Radio Mara Mara for a while, and now it’s really happening. Live, on stage at The Kraine Theater (84 E 4th St., NYC) for 5 performances in August, you can come check out the show. Buy tickets here, by clicking on the date and time you want to see.

Friday, August 9 @ 7:00
Monday, August 12 @ 3:00
Wednesday, August 14 @ 2:00
Sunday, August 18 @ 7:00
Friday, August 23 @ 6:15

Here are some things about the show:

In this re-imagined Saharan city of the Leunsa Valley, nestled between the Mara Mara hills, the DJ (Christopher Burris) plays tunes for a populace that is torn between evacuating the country and fighting it out. The Archivist (Zoe Metcalfe-Klaw) transfers old reel-to-reel audio recordings to digital in an attempt to preserve the country’s history, and her own sanity.

Radio Mara Mara is inspired by Somalia’s Radio Mogadishu. When the Somalian government infrastructure was in free-fall, Somalian journalists reached out to the worldwide radio community to ask for funds that would enable them to transfer the wealth of their nation’s history, on decaying old tapes, to digital. I was transfixed by what it would be like to live in a country that was crumbling to bits while trying to continue reporting events in that country to the outside world, to the population, and attempting to save your country’s history, all at once.

While that was the jumping off point, the story became much more personal for me. I used the writing of it to explore philosophical problems that I’ve been grappling with, both since the birth of my son, and for the entirety of my adult life.

Much in keeping with the Sticky tradition, Radio Mara Mara features many, many artists, without whom the show would just not be able to happen at all.

Voice over actors play Mara Mara notables, luminaries, legends, and artists. Carol London as the first lady, Imran W. Sheikh as a prodigal filmmaker, John Wu as the star of the hit film Faster Faster Go Go Go, Havilah Brewster as a tormented performance artist, David Marcus as a field reporter, Shawn Randall as E.G. Fukiyama himself, C.B.E. Marcus as Sammy Mita, and Ali Ayala as pop icon Linds Halloway.

This brand new soundtrack, which will be available for download, features:
Stacy Rock covering N.W.A.’s Fuck the Police
Mayday Radio covering Madonna’s Lucky Star
Brief View of the Hudson covering The Cure’s Friday I’m in Love
Kaylin Clinton covering M83’s Midnight City
Grace McLean covering the Beastie Boys’ Intergalactic
Reuben Butchart covering Pearl Jam’s Even Flow
Jasme Kelly covering Drake’s Started from the Bottom
Duv & Grace Kalambay covering R.E.M.’s Losing My Religion

James Pravasilis (guitarist and composer) and I (lyrics) are collaborating with Shawn Randall on Song for Calder Square, channeling Mara Mara legend E.G. Fukiyama.

Radio Mara Mara works within a sustainable, unsubsidized production model. We never ask you for money, we just ask you to buy tickets.

20130719-080321.jpgJimmy working on Song for Calder Square

20130719-080249.jpg</aC in the recording studio. He plays Sammy.

20130719-083346.jpgMaking props. Those are paper mache headphones atop a cassette case atop a pot of glue.

20130719-083904.jpgChris and Zoe.

20130719-101309.jpgThe Kraine.

2 thoughts on “See Radio Mara Mara in the flesh

  1. Will check date when in ny. Would love to if I can maybe make wed show…..all matinees?

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