…that would probably slow me down: Zoe Metcalfe-Klaw talks RMM

Questions for Zoe Metcalfe-Klaw, who plays the Archivist in Radio Mara Mara. Click for tix.

photos from Radio Mara Mara

E.G. and Leoni live exiled from Mara Mara and the Leunsa Valley for over a decade, all the while missing the sweet sweet fruit of the Grundub Tree. If you were exiled from New York [or insert here the place you call home], what’s the one food you would most miss?

If I was exiled from NY I would miss Joe’s Pizza. It’s an amazing pizza joint across the street from me that’s open until 5am every day. The pizza is legit, cheap, and my favorite thing in the world to eat after a night out or when I’m coming home starving and exhausted from bartending.

The DJ and the Archivist are well aware of the need to pack a kit for any kind of extended journey, either into the Wet Mara Canyons, or running from violence. What’s the one, non-practical thing you would include in your disaster kit?

I would bring my cat Tito. He might not fit into my disaster kit, but he’s awesome and definitely not practical. Maybe I’d get him a leash…..that would probably slow me down….

If New York were bombed out and war torn, would you stay or would you go?

That’s a hard question, I relate to my character L’Ansashita [secret: that’s the Archivist’s real name] in the sense that I feel a connection and a responsibility to this place, just like she feels towards Leunsa. She doesn’t want to leave when she has the opportunity to, because she has no idea things will get as bad as they do; then there is no way out. I could see myself falling into the same trap.

Post your answers in comments!

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