My He-Man figures: Christopher Burris talks RMM


Christopher Burris plays the DJ, Masafumi Yukimoto, in Radio Mara Mara. Click for tix.

In Radio Mara Mara, Masa the DJ plays tracks for a fleeing populace. If you were running to the border, what song would def be on your playlist, and why?

The first song the comes to mind is “I’ve Got to Use My Imagination” by Gladys Knight and the Pips. It seems appropriate.

E.G. and Leoni live exiled from Mara Mara and the Leunsa Valley for over a decade, all the while missing the sweet sweet fruit of the Grundub Tree. If you were exiled from New York [or insert here the place you call home], what’s the one food you would most miss?

My aunt Christine makes the best maccoroni and cheese I have ever had. Having it makes me feel like home.

The DJ and the Archivist are well aware of the need to pack a kit for any kind of extended journey, either into the Wet Mara Canyons, or running from violence. What’s the one, non-practical thing you would include in your disaster kit?

My He-Man figures.

If New York were bombed out and war torn, would you stay or would you go?

I would stay here. Unless I can get to Maui.

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