Everything in my life should be scannable: Libby Emmons talks RMM


Libby Emmons writes Radio Mara Mara. Click for tix.

(yes, I am my own doppelganger.)

In Radio Mara Mara, Masa the DJ plays tracks for a fleeing populace. If you were running to the border, what song would def be on your playlist, and why?

There are so many songs I’d need to bring. They’d be on my iphone, which is basically an extention of my hand. But definitely: The Smiths “The Smiths” would be there. And all the artists who recorded music for the show. The soundtrack of Radio Mara Mara has been my feel good playlist for weeks.

E.G. and Leoni live exiled from Mara Mara and the Leunsa Valley for over a decade, all the while missing the sweet sweet fruit of the Grundub Tree. If you were exiled from New York [or insert here the place you call home], what’s the one food you would most miss?

That food you really crave when it’s well past midnight, you’re tipsy, you’re tired, and you need to pick up something delicious and comforting to devour while sitting on your couch, watching an episode of something, and falling to sleep. During this rehearsal process, for me that’s been Chicken Pad Thai at Bangkok in Bay Ridge, where I live. It’s not everyplace you can just buy a meal at 3 am and take it home and eat it. Midnight take out is a thing of beauty.

The DJ and the Archivist are well aware of the need to pack a kit for any kind of extended journey, either into the Wet Mara Canyons, or running from violence. What’s the one, non-practical thing you would include in your disaster kit?

All my back-up disks. I have this idea that everything in my life should be scannable, and able to be stored on a data cartidge of some kind. I would take whatever’s made it onto storage thus far.

If New York were bombed out and war torn, would you stay or would you go?

Dave would tell me to go, and I would say I was going, just to make him happy, but I wouldn’t go, and then it would be too late. Places are just places, and there can be loads of other places, but no place is really safe, no matter what illusions we conjur for ourselves, so you may as well live where you love.

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