Four thing life and I’m so tired

I’m heading off to work late today. It’s 1 pm and I’m in the middle of my commute. The campers are heading back from Zoo trips, and I’m trying to psych myself out to be productive for the entire afternoon.

Normally, I have a three thing life. There’s art, family, and job, and their order of priority is different nearly every single day. This morning I just wanted to hang with my kid, I didn’t want to go to work at all, so that’s what I did. Tonight I’ve got show tickets, for a play series featuring artists whose work I believe in. I’m hoping to catch up with Dave somewhere in the City later tonight after he finishes rehearsal for a short film he’s working on.

Sometimes I wish I had a two thing life, but no matter how I break it down and try to plan it out, it’s a three thing minimum. While producing Radio Mara Mara in FringeNYC, it’s been four things. When I get tired and things don’t go quite as planned, like not getting to work until well after noon, or not getting to hang with C for the entire day, or being just so incredibly tired that I can’t sleep, I have to remind myself that these are choices I’ve made.

I make art because I need to, because I am compelled to express something even when I’m not entirely sure what it is that I need to express. I craft it with my own hands because I am a tactile artist.

I chose to have a child because I couldn’t say no to the potentiality of love and life.

I go out with my husband so we can remember how much we like each other, and talk about all the philosophical impracticalities that made us fall in love in the first place.

I go to work because a person needs to have a job, and all things being equal, a job where I can randomly go in at 1 pm is better than a job where that isn’t possible.

I go watch theater because I love live performance and because I want to experience a new perspective on the ideas of our time.

I write blog posts on the train so I don’t fall asleep.

C just wanted to have a covers boat with an ipad this morning.
sometimes it’s okay to ride the escalator when you’re really, really tired
This is not okay, even when you are really, really tired.
The view from the back of the theater.
More fun than I was having. Plus, make-up-ing on the train, of which I’m in awe.
More fun than I was having. Plus, make-up-ing on the train, of which I’m in awe.

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