On closing the show

We’re closing the show tonight. DJ Masa will be broadcasting one last time from the booth at Radio Mara Mara, and the Archivist has one last chance to transfer all that analog to digital.

As such, I’d like to take this chance to thank everyone who worked on the show for bringing their hearts into the rehearsal room and onto the stage. Thanks to the musicians and voice over actors for making all the sounds, providing the atmosphere, that gives the show the broader depth that it has, that make it live beyond the stage. Thanks, too, to everyone who has come out to see it, are coming out tonight, for experiencing the show with honest, open minds and hearts.

Thanks to my husband, for putting up with the long nights and missed dinners, the lapsed laundry, the pots of glue, the crying, the anxiety, the expense. Thanks to my son C, who’s been always ready to help with “mommy’s popject.” Thanks to Uncle Jon for free babysitting.

I’m excited to see the show live on stage one more time. I’m excited to see what Christopher and Zoe bring out tonight that we haven’t seen before. I’m excited to take some time off and get C ready for his very first school year. And when that’s all through, and I’ve had a chance to catch up on sleep and catch my breath, I’ll be glad to revisit these pages again. The world of Mara Mara is like a crystalline creation for me, and it’s still forming, underground, out of the sun, until it’s ready to show itself again.



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