Here’s fun.

A play I wrote, called “Animal/Animal,” was published by Smith & Kraus in this anthology. So that’s fun!

“Animal/Animal” is one of my favorite 10-minute plays that I’ve written, and primarily because of Sticky, I’ve written over 70 since 2000. The play begins:

Ali: I slept with a homeless person last night.
Lindsay: I slept in a tent in my friend’s backyard.

They’re each having a crisis of confidence, but by the end of the play, they’ve decided to take some action.

I wrote the play initially for Ali and I to perform at Sticky. But as I wrote it, I became embarrassed about saying the things I was writing, so I switched it to Lindsay, and asked Lindsay Torrey to be in the play instead. She said yes, because it’s a killer part as far as 10-minute plays go, and she and Ali killed it at Bowery Poetry Club. I played Lindsay opposite Holly Ellis at Dixon Place. Ali and I eventually teamed up to perform at The Back Porch, and Bowery Poetry Club, in 2013.

If a person were so inclined, they could even go buy this fine volume here.


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