Overheard in Brooklyn

On Remsen Street:

A thin kid in a St Francis College sweatshirt and some low-slung skinny jeans approaches an older, professional lady. She doesn’t see him at first, she’s having a heated convo on the cell. He speaks, inaudibly low. “Huh?” She says. He repeats his request. She pulls the cell from her ear, looks at him with undisguised dismay. “How old are you?” She asks, “you too young to be smoking, I’m not gonna give you a cigarette, baby. Mm mm. Don’t do it.”

On the 3rd floor of my office building:

A woman hurries her two daughters on to the elevator. “Stop that,” she says to the little one, maybe 3 years old, “stop chewing on a tissue, you gonna make me late.” She grabs the tissue from the girl and chucks it into the hallway as the doors close.

Court Street stop:

A kid in a wheelchair talking to the MTA attendant. “But this is the only elevator on the line.” Apparently it’s not working today, and he’s basically stuck at the bottom of two flights of stairs.

Cell phone in the lobby:

A young guy talks on his cell phone “Because no one wants to work in foster care. One of the guys I work with just quit today. (listens) Mm hm, he just got up and quit.”

Mta workers on the platform:

First guy: “It was a homeless guy, and he was sleeping and the rat was just crawling. People were screaming. He woke up and wiped it away like it was nothing.”
The other guy says: “It was his long lost pet.”

They both have a good chuckle over that one.

Two women waiting in line for a salad:

The first one: 25 years? That’s how long you been living there?
The second one: They keep the lobbies clean, there’s lots of heat.

In the elevator:

A tween girl holds her arm under the light.
“I wish I was this color. It’s so pretty, right mom?”

A guy on the phone outside the gym:

She did it to impress a guy she was trying to get with, an his name was Michael Bennis. So she named my son-

MTA guys:

Big Guy: I like that chicken with bacon, or the baconator.
Other Big Guy: I always think: can I get a slice of hamburger with these?
Big Guy: I had a double cheeseburger, too.

They see a colleague walking down the platform.

Big Guy: Oh no, here comes the worst of them all: the Pillsbury Dough Boy.


Were we ever so young? Teenage romance on the subway.
Were we ever so young? Teenage romance on the subway.
It feels like my son was so much easier to wrangle when he was this age.
It feels like my son was so much easier to wrangle when he was this age.
In transit.
In transit on a hot day.

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