What I learned on winter vacation

C and I tagged along on a business trip with my mom. While she attended a legal conference for her very specialized legal area, C and I played in the pool, looked at the mountains, and snacked.

Here are some memorable things that happened:

My laptop was virtually destroyed on the plane ride west.

C learned to swim (pretty much).

I constructed and submitted a grant application via iphone.

I learned that expert vacationers bring more than one bathing suit, and more than one cover-up, and that I am not an expert vacationer.

C will say he loves a food– cheeseburger or chicken, for example– only to writhe in agony when asked to eat it.

Always have a breakfast thing in the room, because dragging a newly spoiled kid all the way across a resort to get breakfast on an empty stomach is a nightmare.

The food truck cart follows golfers around is actually a liquor cart.

C easily took to the vacation lifestyle, and makes friends easily. When he saw other kids at the pool he would go over to them and ask if they wanted to play, and with only a few exceptions, they all said “sure!”

It’s always a smart idea to print out the script and novel you’re working on, even if you’re taking your laptop on vacation, because even if water spills on your script, it will dry out and be readable again, unlike, say, a laptop.

Passengers on the plane will compliment C by saying that he was very well behaved when he was actually driving me insane for the whole trip. How bad are these other children, anyway?

The last shot of my laptop in action.

After what I’m calling “the incident” we went analog.

Playing in the lobby of our one-night hotel in LV, NV.

We stopped at Ethel M chocolates on the way out of town, and there was a whole botanical garden on desert flowers. This is mom and me.  Also that was my favorite summer shirt until it ripped in several places shortly after this selfie.

More tourists, getting the best angle.

Kelso jail.

Route 66.

Breakfast of champions at the resort.

Reading by the pool.

face time with daddy.


me and mom.

some flower.

making friends.

hawk and hawk man!

the ride home, complete with a new toy: MERK.

There’s more on my instagram @li88yinc if you just haven’t got enough of my vacation pictures and sassy comments.

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