R train blues con’t

I’d switched from the R local to the N express and was waiting for the R again. It probably would have been faster to walk home from the express stop than wait for the local, but I’d already put in 5 minutes wait time and didn’t want all that waiting to have been for naught.

The sound of a child screaming
Reverberates off the tile of the subway station walls
The child cries
My heart beats

Please! He loves you! Please hold him close! Please
Stop these tears from falling
Because I cannot help him
I cannot help you
I can only wait
Impatient for my train
Impatient to be
Of your lives
For good

When the train came, it was the same locl I had abandoned in favor of the express, and the waiting had all been wasted time anyway.


Uncle J’s been staying with us off and on but basically consistently for these past  three years. He got a job out of town and is flying out on Friday. He took C for lunch today. He’s gonna miss this kid, and the kid is fore sure going to miss him. Me too.

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