real life is better with breaks

I’m back from vacation but not ready to leave my Agathie Christie mysteries and sunshine behind. Luckily we’re going away again next weekend. All of these nearby family trips are a joy. We don’t spend much on travel, so we can buy lobster, instead.

Things I Heard from my Kid on Vacation:

Mommy does the Earth ever get tired of spinning?
Why can’t we feel the Earth spinning?
The Earth is a planet where we don’t need space suits.

How come we don’t fly off the Earth?

(We watched sunrises and sunsets and looked long at the horizon and through binoculars.)

How about you don’t bring your book to the beach?

Mommy will you play with me?

Breakfixt dessert!

Mommy will you please stop doing your thing and come do my thing instead?

It’s amazing how much easier it is to pay attention to the kid without lots of other stuff to do or think about. 

I realized that I’m perfectly satisfied being disconnected from everything other than my little fam and some books. Facebook is awesome, but sometimes it’s like everyone’s talking to you at once and you can’t actually hear anyone. Forest for the trees type of thing, except trees for the forest.

Lots of projects coming up, so my productive self is stoked (wherever she is, hopefully she’ll come back in time). We’ll be talking Sticky soon, I’m a new company member at NY Madness, KL Thomas and Horse Trade are producing my play I Am Not an Allegory (these are people i know) in Spring, and even other stuff that’s not quite ripe for talking about yet. Which is good, because my consciousness is still on vacation. 

Some favorite pics from lovely New Jersey. In reverse order time wise. Yes, you haters, it’s lovely.


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