Hey white women, stfu.

You do feminism wrong by not adequately including everyone who needs liberation more than you.

You do motherhood wrong by birthing privileged white children and instilling them with the belief that they are each precious unique individuals capable of achieving their biggest dreams and greatest ambitions.

You do artwork wrong by assuming that people will listen to you just because you have something to say and you feel a need to say it.

You do social justice wrong by latching onto issues about which you do not have enough personal experience to truly understand. You think that just because you believe in equality the fight against racism is your fight, but it’s only your fight if there’s no one else around to vocalize it; if there is, shut up. 

You do consumerism wrong because in your quest to do everything in the appropriate way you demand local, free-trade, organic, single source, eco-friendly goods, and pay more for the privilege, despite the fact that other, less well off individuals cannot afford these luxuries, and have to take what they can get.

You do self-care wrong when you fill social media with mindless feel good platitudes, and pictures of your beautiful healthy children, yoga poses, meditative breathing, and want approval from all your family and friends, on your lovely positive living healthy lifestyle, when what you’re really doing is rubbing everyone’s nose in your privilege.

You do mental illness wrong because in your need to break down the social barriers and stigmas of it you leave out all the people who are suffering way more than you.

You do career wrong when you pursue higher education, achieve lofty qualifications, then only work for a few years before leaving the work force to raise your children. Don’t you understand how privileged you are to have options? Educational options, career options, lifestyle options, that so many other people don’t have access to, and you expect to have access to them at any and all times in your life.  

You do volunteerism wrong because you don’t really understand the people you are trying to help, or you work for high minded cultural institutions and organizations that are both exclusive of minority populations, designed only to support the lifestyles and interests of other white people, like the stupid opera, or art museums, or environmental causes that only seek to deny developing nations the same privileges of growth as the United States has had.

You do drugs wrong when you recreationally imbibe marijuana or cocaine or alcohol knowing that you won’t get arrested for it, and if you do get hassled by police, definitely won’t get shot for a routine stop. Even when you shoplift, the police will just come together to hold a fundraiser to a) help you buy that thing you couldn’t afford and felt compelled to steal or b) to get you the mental health support you need so that you understand how privileged you are and that you don’t need to steal things just to get attention, because you’re beautiful just the way you are.

You do education wrong because you look for things that speak to you, and to your experience instead of subsuming that in the experience of others who are not as frequently heard as those who look and sound like you.         

You do anti-racism wrong because you actual go around thinking you are not racist, and try to teach your perfect little babies to be anti-racist, and don’t know what to say when your little white doll-faced baby says “but you don’t have to worry about the police being bad to me mommy, because my skin isn’t brown.”

You do self-loathing wrong because you turn all your white-woman hatred in on yourself, and take prescription drugs to try and shut down the voices telling you that you are doing everything wrong, which of course you are doing, instead of realizing that your irrelevance in all aspects of your life and broader culture are the reality.

You do beauty wrong, because the standards of beauty for white women are the standards of women for culture at large: for women of color, for men who wish they were women, for young girls, and instead of doing anything to overturn those standards, you just try to live up to them.

Your attempts to define and shape your world, your attempts to define and shape yourself, your friends, your family, are exercises in privilege. Stop recognizing your privilege at the top of your lungs. Stop trying to help. Stop trying to change anything, you’re just making it worse. 

So hey white women, stfu.


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