For all the sad girls

I wrote you a poem.

Not everyone wants to be happy
Sadness is just as good if you like it
If you like that heavy weighty feeling
Like a hundred blankets on a cold day
If you like the cold shafts of sunlight
piecing through frosty winter windows
Instead of the hot heat of summer burning
Through your soul like a thousand piercing little girl screams
If all your favorite records are in a minor key
Maybe you don’t need to get happy, to be at peace, to be content, to be comfortable
Maybe you like it this way
Maybe malaise contains all your joy
To feel the pressure of your feet on the earth
To know that nothing lasts forever
To feel with every breath that this moment of life may be your last
And revel in it
Relish it
Spin the spin dizzy of interminable peculiar nightmares and dashed hopes
Lick your lips clean of animal fat
The sublime feeling, the slaughter for your pleasure
Wipe your sanguine fingers on your jeans
Live like it’s almost over
With the weight of the world
Knowing full well every step may be your last
There’s nothing wrong with that
Glory in the sadness
In its reality
In its life
In its permanence
And the amazing, gut-wrenching, transformational temporality
Of everything

Olivia Nice, center, plays Ruby, the sad girl in I Am Not an Allegory. Masonya Berry plays Danesha, right, and Mateo d’Amato plays Dan, left. photo credit Mike Oliveri

I Am Not an Allegory opens March 10 and runs Thursdays through Saturdays at Under Saint Marks, NYC. Support the show! Buy a ticket.

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