Tweeting Pitney Bowes

The other day I was sitting at my regular job-type-job, going about my business, paying bills online. I logged onto the Pitney Bowes site to pay for our postage meter and postage. The site asked for my Province, not state, but wanting to just get this thing done, I input our Brooklyn, U.S. info. Nope. The site wouldn’t take it. So I gave Pitney Bowes customer service a call.

After a few minutes on hold, I put the call on speaker. After another five minutes, one of my co-workers, a recent grad, looked at me quizzically and asked “Is this a normal hold time?” After hearing the hold message another several times, I tweeted at Pitney Bowes. And they answered.

2016-07-19 21.21.36

So I DM’d.

2016-07-19 21.21.47

It was actually 32 minutes on hold at that point, but who’s counting. I gave the DM another try.

2016-07-19 21.23.07

Ooh! A specialist! I was excited. I provided all my information. Even on DM, it took a while to get things moving. And all I wanted to do was pay my office’s bill. I was over an hour into a task that should have taken a couple of a minutes.

2016-07-19 21.23.17

Meanwhile, I was still on hold.

2016-07-19 21.21.55

After 83 minutes, I couldn’t take the hold music anymore, and the specialist had still not contacted me.

2016-07-19 21.22.03

I was starting to doubt the existence of said specialist, and I wasn’t the only one.

2016-07-19 21.22.25

I sent a final DM.

2016-07-19 21.23.21

Shortly thereafter, I got a call from Bob, at Pitney Bowes customer service, who referenced my tweets. “Some of them were pretty funny,” he said.

“I try to keep myself amused,”I replied.

“I was thinking that we could reply that you could just send a check, with a q-u-e, a cheque, because the site placed you on the Canada side,” he said. 

We had a good chuckle. 

He took the payment info and credited the account. Why the hold up? Turns out alot of people weren’t in Canada, and like me, they called in to say so. Could all our bills really be due at the same time? Could corporate America really be so daft as to intentionally schedule a clusterf**k? On purpose? 

Bob suggested I talk to tech support about taking our account across the Canadian border.

“Sure,” I said, and he transferred me.

2016-07-20 07.20.29


Tech support suggested that if I wanted to pay the bill, I should go online and do it. When they finally realized that my technical issue was in fact a geographical one, they moved us back to Brooklyn.



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