Stress of City Living

Y’know the stress of city living is really so stressful. There’s a baby child screaming on the train and her mom is ignoring her and it is horrible to not be able to do anything. 

Aren’t we neighbors? No, we are not neighbors. We are each bits of solitary fluffy nothings, floating about w nary a glimmer of interaction, w no communion, w no relief. We look at each other, ear buds in, the cries loud over top of the beats, we look away. We are helpless to help.

The baby cries and the mother ignores and it is not for me to pick up the child and coo softly, it is not for me to caress the mother and say “I know mama, it hurts, being alive like this, it hurts.” 
It is not for any of us. Still she sits and ignores. Still the baby wails. 

At the next stop I switch to the adjacent train car. I can’t hear her now, the little sweet thing in her carriage, but I can see her wail through the window. 

We all stand here in our own way going home, we all feel each other but do nothing. It is a gruesome way to live.

The violent solitary helplessness of the subway train makes me weep.

subway blues
my friend Ali across the platform
me waiting for the train while Ali was across the platform
the paradise that lies outside my mother’s front door

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