“We all have intuitive gifts” talking healing with EdibleSpirit

I’m not a typical believer.

It is because I know that I cannot possibly know the breadth of human experience that I consider all perspectives as likely to have some nugget of reality of which I am not aware, that I have begun to consider alternative ways of understanding our physical world. Consider myth, legend, pan religious interpretation as the methods through which our forebears expressed their understanding of the physical world, understood experience, and passed it on through the ages.

My perspective has always been rather meat and potatoes in terms of our corporeal world. I believe in the truth of what I can see before me. I have felt that my life follows a timeline that encompasses past and future, with the barely existing present as a stop between where I was and where I want to be.

I recently had a change of heart about the present. The future does not have to be a negation of past mistakes, the past does not need to be shrouded in shame. The present can be a place to live without struggling to meet the expectations of the future, recalling the joy of presents past.

For reference to my own perspective, I’m not an atheist, though I attempted to be. I’m a practicing Catholic, and while, like most Catholics, I do not subscribe to all perspectives of the Church, I believe in the transcendent power of God’s love.

I sat down last week with Michael Domitrovich, founder of EdibleSpirit, and host of tomorrow’s Holiday Healing Fair at Theater for the New City, to talk about what the deal is with all the things that can be experienced but not seen, quantified, or fully understood.

It’s possible that the task I set before myself, of transcribing an hour’s long interview while going into a houseful of Christmas guests and making a 6 year old’s Christmas paradise, was biting off more than I could chew. But I wanted to post some snippets of our conversation so you can get a sense of the message behind tomorrow’s Healing Fair at Theater for the New City, and what to expect if you attend.

All of this was part of a larger conversation, but here are some snippets:

In the shrink’s office, in the end there’s always that feeling that I end up getting that’s like “you’re waiting for me to figure this out, and I’m paying you to help me figure this out, and at what point am I done?” But the difference with spiritual healing is that the number one metric is not evidentiary, it’s subjective. It’s about “I’m so different, you just try to tell me that nothing’s changed, just try to tell me that it’s all in my head. And even if it is– I am different.”

…The only proof of healing is non verbal, it’s experiential, where you’re like everything is different now. It’s not to hate on shrinks, but the whole field of psych is to codify and discuss these experiences.

…I’m writing about it in terms of like we think that these states that occur after spiritual revelation are best sustained and nurtured but really they bring us back to a central point of balance where there are still things that are wrong, things that aren’t working right or aren’t perfectly aligned, but my subjective state is so balanced and centered that it doesn’t matter.

How would you define your practice?

Technically I’m a healing channel, so I place emphasis on healing rather than psychic reading or intuitional stuff alone. I do medium ship where I talk to spirits, like spirits of relatives, but I work more with other extra-dimensional entities, which are forces that are within you and around you, so you can think of them as literal beings that are on other dimensional planes that communicate with us and have a vested interest in our well-being for whatever reason, or you can think of them more symbolically as a good forces that want you to be at your best.

Alot of people come to me when they’re having psychic awakenings… In truth, we all have intuitive gifts, we all have intuitive faculties, but if our physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies are out of alignment, it’s very hard to be quiet enough, sensitive enough, centered enough, to be able to take in this information without it causing a disruption to our daily life.

What do you with people who are resistant to the ideas you are bringing forth to them?

When I first started working it was much more difficult because I was still trying to prove to myself that what was happening was real, so I was more subject to having bullshit called on me. And for me to lose my cool in that moment, and to then not be able to explain what was going on, and so then it would seem like I was bullshit…. I had to cultivate the authority to say this is who I am, this is how I work, this is what you’re going to get from me. When I moved back to New York from LA, I had to be even more rigorous with New Yorkers. This is who I am, this is what I do, this is how much it costs, when it’s gonna be done, what it’s going to do for you. The main takeaway for me is I’m not here to prove life after death, or to make you believe anything, I’m here in your service, I use my channel in order to offer healing for you. Healing is not about fixing something that’s broken, it’s about finding what’s actually working, and removing everything that’s not that.

…If something doesn’t align with a person’s truth or system of belief then they’re going to have a harder time processing it.

The thrust of edible spirit is to make the most intense, spiritual stuff useful and functional without watering it down.

…I’m talking about these things in a way that doesn’t prevent anyone from benefiting.

What will people experience if they come to the Healing Fair on Wednesday?

It’s basically like a county fair in which you come and buy your ride ticket, $20 for a ride, you come in and sign up for as many services as you want, we’ll have sign in lists for all the different practitioners, we have twelve practitioners, a bunch of physical healers, energy workers, tarot readers, a few reiki practitioners, and we have a shaman, who is specifically focusing on trauma release, we have an intuitive who is also an art therapist, so the main motivation for this was post election, and talking to friends who didn’t feel safe.

…So how can we create a safe space for people to be who they are, feel what they feel, do what they do, talk about what they need to talk about.

…I wanted to give people an opportunity to get really good work from myself and others for a fraction of the price, so they can decide if they want to go deeper if they find that what they encountered at this fair really worked for them.

…Mainly I want to focus on the fact that this spiritual stuff is not just a novelty. That it can be used at times like this to check in with yourself, see where you’ve been, where you’re going, recalibrate and find center after all the highs and lows that we’ve been through over the past year.

Find out more about Michael and EdibleSpirit at ediblespirit.com and on facebook.

Windblown on an NYC pier for a December alfresco lunch. Me and MD.

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