Why Immigration

Why Immigration

Immigration is essential for the success of the American experiment. The whole point of American democracy, and the documents that enumerate it, is that this form of governance, this outlining of rights, holds primacy over all other factors.

Can America be America if everyone speaks Spanish, has brown skin, recognizes multiple genders, and worships according to the tenets of myriad religions? Yes, so long as the rights outlined in the Bill of Rights are upheld, the people hold free elections, and the system of checks and balances are still in place.

America is not a country held together by the uniformity of its inhabitants, it is a country based on rights and equality, whether or not we always live up to our highest expectations or meet our goals. That’s what makes America stand out among democracies worldwide. We are our principles, we are our rights, or we are nothing.

That’s what I went to Washington, with all these other people, to say.



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