Venus & Athena

In high school, I got together with some girlfriends and we made a feminist zine. Cut and paste, hand written, photocopied and stapled, we dropped it in the front hall of our school one morning before homeroom. The administration confiscated all the copies by somewhere around second period. Hardly anyone got to see it, and we didn’t do a volume two. I found this copy recently in a box of old letters I’ve saved. We were 16 when we made this. We distributed this anonymously, so I’ve left the names off here, too.

Untitled 1Untitled 2Untitled 3Untitled 4Untitled 5Untitled 6Untitled 7Untitled 8Untitled 9Untitled 10Untitled 11Untitled 12Untitled 13Untitled 14Untitled 15Untitled 16

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