Sentimental T-Shirts

I go through my dresser drawers and they are stuffed full of clothes I don’t wear. I want to chuck it all out, I want my drawers and closets to be empty of this bulk, this weight that I carry around on my back like an overburdened turtle, but there are all these sentimental t-shirts.

Here are a few.


My husband’s Dr. Who fan club t-shirt from his youth. When we moved in together I took possession of this shirt, but now when I wear it, it feels like it is disintegrating.

My high-school choir t-shirt. I didn’t remember the shirt, and hadn’t saved mine. When my Gram died, I found this one, still in its plastic and neatly folded, with her things.

This was my favorite anti-war shirt, bought at an arts fair on Elizabeth St., circa 2003.

Well-worn undergrad t-shirt.

I accidentally stole this from my friend Jeremiah.

From the time I was in the Deitch Art Parade with J.V.A. Flag Corp in 2006– design Alexia Stamatiou

the back

This t-shirt belonged to my husband’s Mom. She died in 1996. I stopped wearing it a few years ago because the old fabric has somehow grown itchy.

In the mid-1990’s we hung out at the Surface to Air arts collective on 18th St & 5th Ave. That era of our lives came crashing to a tragic halt when two of our friend died within a year and a half of each other, Christopher Kelley and Valerie Kojsza. Imagine my surprise when I was visiting my friend Kisa in Sheffield, England, and we came across a shop selling t-shirts from Surface to Air, now HQ’d in Paris. I had to buy the shirt.

I bought this shirt in 1997 and I wore the hell out of it.

If I take pictures of everything that I am holding on to for sentimental reasons, can I throw the things out? Should I print out all the photos and use them to wallpaper what would surely be a very nearly, delightfully empty home?


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