Adventures in Being Home Alone

Dave and C went to see fam this weekend while I stayed home. I’m usually glad for some time without responsibilities, but this was freaky.


1 am, Saturday night.

Someone keeps ringing the door bell

There were people ringing the bell and knocking on the door, both exterior front of the house and the interior door, then people came around the back with flashlights just now.

I called 911 and police are coming to check it out. I’m freaked out.

It was the police trying to get into upstairs. Meanwhile upstairs has been quiet all night. No idea what’s going on. But basically I just called the police on the police.

Alls Fine now

7 ish am, Sunday morning

Wow. That’s scary.

Yeah I was freaked out

And no idea what was up?

It was quiet all night
But these cops would not give up banging on the door and they came around back w flashlights
But the didn’t identify themselves

Dave Marcus:
And what were you eventually told?

So I turned off all the bedroom lights and shut the window bc I was like whoever is trying to get my attention is relentless, I bet they come around back

So once they came around back, and I was sitting in the bedroom in the dark the window closed so that no sound with escape the house, I called 911

I told them people were trying to get into the house. Ringing the bell banging on the door and come around to the back door flashlights. I told 911 expecting visitors to midnight and I was freaked out by what I was trying to get in my house

911 said not to answer the door and that police will come in that they would call me when they got here.

So I sat there in the dark for about 15 minutes and then I got a call from police.
But it was actually the 911 operator calling back and saying that it had been police knocking on the door and shining flashlights into the house. And that the police were trying to access the third floor because someone had called police.

I said: Oh, so I called the police and police? And the operator laughed and laughed. But I was pissed. Why didn’t they identify themselves at any point? Like once you’re knocking on the back door, why not say: hello it’s the police?

Especially at midnight.

After I called them, but before I got the call back, I thought I heard people enter the front door and someone come downstairs from upstairs and talk to them.

It was later than midnight, and yeah it was pretty creepy to know there were people in the backyard trying to get into the house.

But of course I don’t let people in if I’m not expecting anybody. I don’t let in anybody at one o’clock in the morning

I don’t care who it is, if they can’t identify themselves they’re not getting in. So I waited them out in the dark.

We might need to find out what’s going on. That’s a heavy police reaction.

I thought so too. And there wasn’t any noise from upstairs. It had been quiet since I got home which I think was 7

We might be able to see the police report. I’ll ask my dad how such a thing is accessed.

You mean of why they were here at 1 o’clock in the morning last night?


I was honestly more freaked out knowing that it was police in the backyard. Because if it was someone else then one could talk to police about how to prevent such things in the future. And also because now I know for sure that people with guns were in the backyard trying to get in my house. And I’m glad I didn’t answer the door what with how trigger-happy these situations seem to get.

For sure. You did the right thing. And, yeah. That’s how people get shot.

Like that white lady in Wisconsin or wherever. I was really freaked out. Why would police be banging on the back door that’s clearly an entrance, shining flashlights in to the back door and into the bedroom where the curtains were drawn, of course, and the windows were closed, but not identify themselves as officers?


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