Right this very godforsaken minute beneath a city of millions

Arrive at subway station. Wait 15 minutes for N train.

Q train arrives instead. Board Q train.

Feel okay about progress, both trains go to Union Sq.

Make next station stop.

Bw that stop and the next we are informed that train will go local from here on out.

Proceed very slowly to local stops.

Arrive at express stop. Everyone gets on, bc there’ve been no express trains.

Proceed slower than my walking pace to next stop.

On the way, stop in tunnel for 15 minutes to let several express trains pass us.

During this time, a woman faints on our train car.

Arrive at local stops. No one gets off, bc everyone who boarded wanted an express train.

People begin to lose patience as even more express trains pass us, and we are told that we are delayed by train traffic ahead of us.

Wtf are you doing mta? Are you trying to reduce the population of the city? Get us all fired? Show how much power you have over every aspect of our daily lives?

Why do you hate us lowly commuters, oh mighty nyc transit?

The subways are the arteries of this city, w express and hub stops so many little hearts keeping the blood, all us people, flowing through it. You are bleeding us out. We are fainting on subway trains stuck in tunnels. I am so angry I could scream, but out of respect for my fellow subway riding new yorkers, I will not.

Oh my god, woman, stop sucking that hard candy before I have to hurt you. I can hear the sick sound over The Runaways. That’s loud, belligerent, agitated, passive-aggressive sucking.

I’m dying. She’s unwrapping another one.

Every time the conductor gets on the loudspeaker to say “after blah blah blah something something on the bridge there are delays on N Q R D B lines,” she sounds angrier and angrier, as if we keep asking “are we there yet,” instead of quietly fuming. Except for this woman and her hard fucking candies.

I may never make it where I am going. It has been an hour and fifteen minutes into my hour long trip and I’m not even half way there.

I wish I’d brought some water. And a way to get off this train.

There goes another express train while I stand here crammed in w hundreds of people bw two local stops where no one will get on and no one will get off.

So far the amount of time this train has spent not moving is about 40 minutes. I’m supposed to be at work in 6 minutes.

That is all.

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