This is a monologue from my latest play Sanctuary at the Oak Grove. Numa is a lanky 20-something in a knit cap who doesn’t speak unless he has something to say, and he just killed the Rex Nemorensis (King of the Oak Grove) with his bare hands.

Well, I meant to kill.
(waves off concerns)
No no, not at first, at first I thought he was a nut case, a freak job, but then as we parried–
(takes up his stance to illustrate his story)
As we started to get into it, y’know, I started to get the feeling of what was at stake, like what was this guy fighting for, y’know? Even if I thought it was bullshit, what was motivating him, right? So I looked around, and with my inner eye too, like not just what is this, what is this kingdom that this guy is so determined to protect, what is this, and what is it about him, what is it about on the inside, for this guy. Yeah, so I got a feel for it, I started to get a feel for it. And I could see. I could see the glory of this place, the beauty of it–
(tears up a little)
The Land. I could see the Land, and even more I could feel it, beneath my feet, and in my heart, this place I could belong to. I could belong to this place. This place could belong to me, there was only one thing I had to do first, and it could all be mine.