Crashing off the top shelf

The other day I reached for a book on the top shelf and a stack of board games and books crashed upon me, along with a torrent of postcards that I have forgotten about, but most have little pin holes in them from where I tacked them into my walls. I can’t decide whether or not to throw them out.

postcards 1
Woody Allen, 1969. Photo by Philippe Halsman
postcards 2
“Learn the facts about drug abuse and addiction.” National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health.
postcards 3
New York 1, 1988. Photo Rafael Fuchs
postcards 4
(c) Jim Mc Lagan, 1982 / The argus, South Africa / ‘A drowned cat’ Published 1984 / Reproduction prohibited
postcards 5
It’s easy to look this good when you’re Da Man.
postcards 6
Domkirche St. Stephan in Wien. Barbarakapelle — heute Meditationsraum Gotischer Crucifixus aus Schönkirchen, N.Ö. (um 1460)
postcards 7
Samuel Beckett, 1906-89 Photo Jane Brown, 1976. National Portrait Gallery
postcards 8
La Manne-Porte, Étretat, 1885. Claude Monet, Philadelphia Museum of Art
postcards 9
Interior at Nice, 1920. Henri Matisse
postcards 10
Siobhan Doyle, The Artist Gallery, Killarney
postcards 11
Shop ‘N Save, 1987. Photo Ted Degener
postcards 13
Curhauskapelle Wien I., Stephansplatz 3
postcards 14
(c) damaged goods, london, 1994
postcards 15
Ballonverkäufer. 1929. Otto Rudolf Schatz
postcards 16
Lights. Photograph by Noelia, age 16, from the “Looking through the lens” workshop. 2000
postcards 17
Wien, Stephansdom, Kazelaufgang
postcards 18
James Dean
postcards 19
Wien, Oberes Belvedere
postcards 20
White Light/White Heat. VU
postcards 21
Primal 1 – 1998, Brian Petro
postcards 22
“If I knew you were coming, I’d have baked a cake!” Rachel Snow, 1994
postcards 23
Saint Anthony the Abbot Tempted by a Heap of Gold, The Osservanca Master, Sienese, 15th C
postcards 24
Sarah Michelle Gellar. Got Milk? 1998
postcards 25
St. Stephan Schutzmantelmadonna
postcards 26
The Music Room, 1302 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA
postcards 27
postcards 28
Francesco Clemente, 1982, woodcut on paper
postcards 29
arcosanti 2000, Paolo Soleri
postcards 30
Virginia Woolf
postcards 31
Tod und Leben, 1916. Gustav Klimt.
postcards 32
Knickers, Olivia Silverwood Cope
postcards 33
Die Badewanne, um 1937. Pierre Bonnard.
postcards 34
Desire. Paul Blanca. 1984
postcards 35
Kreuzigung, 1914. Ernst Stöhr
postcards 36
Die bösen Mütter, 1984. Giovanni Segantini
postcards 37
Mohonk Mountain House and the Catskill Mountains
postcards 38
Dali Atomicus, 1948. Photo by Philippe Halsman
postcards 39
The Fire That Consumes All Before It, Cy Twombly, 1978. Philadelphia Museum of Art
postcards 40
Westlands, Sarah Lawrence College

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