Libby Emmons grew up in every major metrop on the northeast coast, and has never lived anywhere else. When she got caught writing obscene stories in jr. high, her parents told her the idle mind is the devil’s playground, and forbade her from writing. She knew then that writing was all she wanted to do. She is an award-winning playwright, has published with Quillette, Smith & Krause, Applause Books, New York Theatre Review, Narratively, The Federalist, Spill, Liberty Island, The Post Millennial, ArcDigital, The Brooklyn Rail, was featured on the podcasts Deprogrammed, Infectious Myth, Cosmic Tortoise, AK47, Hey You Know It, and Mock-U-Mental and blogs semi-regularly at li88yinc.com. She was co-founder of Blue Box Productions and it’s Sticky series (2000-2016). BA Sarah Lawrence College, MFA Columbia University. Libby lives half in Brooklyn, and half in stories. @li88yinc