Will Carter’s Barabbas at TNC

  Eduardo Machado directs Will Carter’s new play Barabbas, starring Gypsi Aponte and Mateo d’Amato. I talked to producer and actor Mateo about the show, and what inspired it. LE: This play draws heavily on Christian imagery. Barabbas was the notorious criminal that the people demanded be set free, demanding that Jesus, the innocent man, […]

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Hamilton: an appreciation

I keep listening to the Hamilton cast recording. My son C and I listen to it aaaaallll the time, and he knows almost all the words. He tells me Hamilton’s son Philip should have his own musical, and I tell him he can write it if he wants. We take him to piano lessons. He […]

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Jesus paper

Anytime there was a guy on a street corner hawking Jesus Christ I’d take a tract. I collected them. I taped them on my walls with an ironic hope, to see if maybe God’s love would come find me that way. Turns out it was somewhere else. But I found these in a box of […]

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Crashing off the top shelf

The other day I reached for a book on the top shelf and a stack of board games and books crashed upon me, along with a torrent of postcards that I have forgotten about, but most have little pin holes in them from where I tacked them into my walls. I can’t decide whether or […]

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Y’know that scene in Attack of the Clones? When they’re in the Naboo Cruiser and they’re being chased by the Trade Federation. And something happens to the roof of the Cruiser, and they have to send the droids out to fix it. So the droids are out there, hard at work, fixing it. Then one […]

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“We took somebody’s bumper off.” Talking about The Immortal Jellyfish with the film’s creators

I spoke with producer and actress Holly Ellis and director and writer Dusty Bias about their new film The Immortal Jellyfish. Holly worked on our Sticky series for years, as an actress, writer, and director, and I’m a big fan of everything she does, which is why when I heard that she and longtime collaborator […]

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