Cocteau Twins for Life

Perhaps more than any band I’ve loved it is the Cocteau Twins that have seen me most thoroughly through life. My bedroom window in our home on the corner of Kingston Road and some other road that ended in a cul-de-sac which name escapes me looked out on the side yard. The green of the […]

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Mr. Gray Beard Prof

In class the man said “I am so tired of these tropes where the woman in anger washes the dishes,” and I agreed. “Can’t we see her do something else? Masturbate or throw things or shout!” And we moved on to the next student, to read the next scene. This was undergrad, Sarah Lawrence College, […]

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Being female sucks

Being female sucks. We all know this. There’s sexism, misogyny, misognoir, rape, and a whole bunch of bs. There’s all the complete ridiculousness of social expectations for women to be pretty and sexy, to be demur, to acquiesce, to be agreeable and nurturing, to be feminine. There’s the guys who look you in the face, […]

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Roman Holiday w Stuart Bousel

I had a great experience writing this commission, and the resulting play, Sanctuary at the Oak Grove, is my favorite play of mine in years (here’s a monologue from the play). In light of the momentous occasion of its completion (there’s still a little work to be done, but it’s all there), I decided to […]

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This is a monologue from my latest play Sanctuary at the Oak Grove. Numa is a lanky 20-something in a knit cap who doesn’t speak unless he has something to say, and he just killed the Rex Nemorensis (King of the Oak Grove) with his bare hands. NUMA (shrugs) Well, I meant to kill. (waves […]

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Baby’s first Shakespeare

I’d always planned to be one of those culturally literate urban moms who took her kid to see and be part of all the City has to offer. Which is why I’m ashamed to say that my son C saw his very first Shakespeare play this weekend. I could’ve taken him to sock puppet presentations […]

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I finished.

I finished my book last night. My novel. It feels strange to say, like after you get married and say “husband” for the first time. I finished the first real finished draft. There’s still bits and pieces, like I know there’s a thing I forgot to put in near the end, and some moments and […]

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