Jesus paper

Anytime there was a guy on a street corner hawking Jesus Christ I’d take a tract. I collected them. I taped them on my walls with an ironic hope, to see if maybe God’s love would come find me that way. Turns out it was somewhere else. But I found these in a box of […]

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Y’know that scene in Attack of the Clones? When they’re in the Naboo Cruiser and they’re being chased by the Trade Federation. And something happens to the roof of the Cruiser, and they have to send the droids out to fix it. So the droids are out there, hard at work, fixing it. Then one […]

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School Sux part 2

Okay so I’m sitting here in the entry way to yet another school that could be an option for kindergarten.  Pre-school and pre-K were basically a bust and I don’t want to blow it with kindergarten. When my top choice pre-school was full, we opted for a Catholic school that, while it covered all the […]

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kicking open my heart

I had a whole crazy week this past week. I started a new job and kept my old job so now I have two part time jobs, and while lots of things about that are exactly what I want, starting a new job is always stressful. It’s uphill. It’s learning new expectations, new organizational principles, […]

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We don’t talk about Heaven

I was listening to a report on NPR about the destruction of Palestinian home. A mom and her family were standing outside the rubble. A reporter asked her “what will you do now? Where will you go? Where will you house your family now?” And the distraught mother replied “I tell my children God will […]

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Watching people begin

Some people I know on Facebook got engaged. Everybody liked it, I liked it. They are smiling in their picture. They are happy. They are gleeful that they have this chance to begin together. Once upon a time, I myself began in a similar way, but without the photos, and without anybody liking it very […]

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Faith is super hard

My anxiety comes from the realization that the secure foundations upon which I’ve built my life aren’t secure at all. I look at the faithful, the people who let God be a driving force in their lives, and I think: I want that. I want an anchor like that; a rock; a tether; a foundation […]

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