This is a speech from my new play hippopotamus. In hippopotamus four moms all have kids in the same pre-K. Their attempts to navigate a motherhood/work balance are complicated by being the stay-at-home mom in a two mom family, being married to the object of an adolescent passion, becoming a newly single mom in a […]

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Dinner takes four hours.

I’m working on this new play. It’s called hippopotamus. Here is a monologue from Glory, who is the stay-at-home mom in a two mom family. She’s an artist, but has put her work on hold for the time being. To set the scene, this is somewhere in Act 2 I think. I didn’t mean to […]

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I’m a teenage girl

Today a friend of mine who teaches English to middle-schoolers asked me if I had a good monologue for a teenage girl. I said of course, because I am a teenage girl inside, just like my Gram. We went back and forth. “Easy reading level,” he said. “Hm,” I chatted back. “Sex or no sex? […]

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Dan loves Ruby who loves TV

Dan from I Am Not an Allegory (these are people i know), which we workshopped at Bowery Poetry Club in 2012. Dan was played by Dan Cozzens, and the whole thing was directed by Ali Ayala. Dan My girlfriend watches these procedural tv shows. She watches like a dozen of them at a time, in […]

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Mary S

This is a monologue from a short play called Please Don’t Talk So Loud, which was written to be performed by Mary Sheridan, Anna Lamadrid, and Eliel Lucero, and was directed by Ali Ayala, 2009. Mary S. I think I speak for the whole audience when I say that I am personally offended by this […]

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Lando from I Am Not an Allegory (these are people i know), which we workshopped at Bowery Poetry Club in 2012. Lando was played by Matthew Murumba, and the whole thing was directed by Ali Ayala. Lando One winter when I was 5 years old I didn’t see anyone but my mother. That’s when I […]

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Lucretia Brown

Lucretia Brown is about 30 years old. LUCRETIAI had this friend once, in high school and she fucked me overfor this guy, totally betrayed me for him. And he betrayed me for her. Then when I saw her, at our five year reunion, and I knew that he fucked her over, left her pregnant and […]

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