This one is from Bridge Over Sand.Caroline is an engineer. She’s realizing that very little has changed since middle-school.CAROLINEWhen I was in seventh grade we had to do these projects, these projects where we got partnered up with people. And I got partnered up with Billy, who was awful. He was like one of the […]

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This is a monologue from a two-hander I wrote called Pacific. It’s a mother and daughter piece. Awww. Carla is talking to her mom here. CARLAI wrote pornography.  I wrote about this lady reporter, traveling the country to cover breaking stories.  Her car broke down on a dark stormy night by the side of the […]

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The DJ

Here’s a monologue from Radio Mara Mara.The DJI was visiting my foster mom. She was suffering from dementia and didn’t always know who I was, but when she did I knew she was glad. She always taught me you look after your own, and even though we didn’t start out that way, we made each […]

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The Archivist

Here’s a monologue from Radio Mara Mara. ARCHIVISTWhat I really wanted was for there to be something special about my life. Something meaningful, something powerful. And I worked for years on that. On that special thing. And then it turns out that all the really meaningful things– all the Really meaningful things, are the same […]

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my dad

My Dad came over for dins last night. He doesn’t live nearby, but sometimes he has to be in town and he always stops by for a visit. It makes me glad that he saves this time for me. My Dad and I haven’t always had the greatest of relationships, but I when he comes […]

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You can see Homa Hynes perform this at Mariah McCarthy’s Pussyfest. Joria Studios. Feb. 9th or 10th, 2013 KarenFor Pussyfest. By Libby Emmons Karen is on the stage. Talking to Sarah. Talking to the crowd. This is my private life. I live my private life here in public.It’s warm here, with you here. And I […]

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From I Am Not an Allegory (these are people i know)by Libby Emmons Ruby in a hospital gown, in a hospital room. RUBY They did things to me that I don’t remember. And a bunch of other things that I Do remember. My ex used to say you could fill a book with the things […]

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From I Am Not an Allegory (these are people i know)by Libby Emmons Jess is at her place, with a webcam, with fresh veggies. JESS I do a nudey webcam so I can stay home and raise my son. While he naps I stick vegetables in my vagina and pretend I’m coming just so I […]

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