Hamilton: an appreciation

I keep listening to the Hamilton cast recording. My son C and I listen to it aaaaallll the time, and he knows almost all the words. He tells me Hamilton’s son Philip should have his own musical, and I tell him he can write it if he wants. We take him to piano lessons. He […]

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Stockbridge to Boston

That James Taylor song he wrote for his baby nephew, I sang it to my son the other night at bedtime. I’d heard the song on line at the grocery store, and had tried not to get choked up as I laid my items on the conveyor belt. At bedtime I looked up the lyrics […]

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OMG homework you guys

Omg homework you guys. My son is 6 years old. That’s first grade. And he gets a shit ton of homework. By a shit ton I mean a wicked lot. He’s only got 11 years before he has to apply for college, so I know he’s got to bone up, but spelling social studies math […]

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Stress of City Living

Y’know the stress of city living is really so stressful. There’s a baby child screaming on the train and her mom is ignoring her and it is horrible to not be able to do anything.  Aren’t we neighbors? No, we are not neighbors. We are each bits of solitary fluffy nothings, floating about w nary […]

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Dear Old People in Families

Dear Old People in Families, You’re not really old, I know that. When you look in the mirror you are surprised to see an aging face looking back at you while your insides feel no more than 25. I get that. I feel that way too, on my perch atop these past 40 years. I […]

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Joy of Life

Joy of Life All those studies about how people without children are happier. Measuring happiness by varying quality of life scales and determinants. Freedom. Self-determination. Time to pursue wishes and wants. Extra cash. Vacations. Peaceful, one with nature, lover of all humanity. All those studies. And bad mommy blogs. And wine for breakfast while the […]

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Super Sensitive Super Power

The thing where your kid is just like you and you know first hand exactly what they are going through while not really knowing anything about them is a real thing. I always suspected that this might be the case. Back when I was a teenager my parents, the original ones, mom and dad, would […]

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The Life and Death of Red

One time I hid my dad’s cigarettes. I don’t know how old I was, but I was with my dad and step-mom, out in the parking lot outside my Auntie C and Uncle B’s townhouse. We were helping them move, and Uncle B had given me this small shoe box sized wooden box, with mother […]

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The pressure to Do

I feel the pressure to do. In all aspects of my life. I feel an expectation, across the board, to accomplish, to experience, to produce, to communicate. Is this a symptom of contemporary life? Must one always be doing? Be engaged? Be actively participating? I went to grad school wanting to write. I left grad […]

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