Stress of City Living

Y’know the stress of city living is really so stressful. There’s a baby child screaming on the train and her mom is ignoring her and it is horrible to not be able to do anything.  Aren’t we neighbors? No, we are not neighbors. We are each bits of solitary fluffy nothings, floating about w nary […]

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Present tense/Writing by hand

Standing on the train platform. I just missed one. Listening to countless EPs. People filter down the stairs like powdered sugar through a sifter, and sticky. I wanted to write this by hand but my phone was already here, under my finger tips. We over slept. I’m running late. Dave had to whisk C off […]

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No Perspective

A scary thing is to have no perspective. This is primarily where my anxiety comes from. I’ll be sitting on my couch after dinner and suddenly I’ll have this realization that feels like a truth so shocking I don’t know how I could have been so blind as to not see it. This truth is […]

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Forester on the R

I’m on the train. I’m reading The Machine Stops. It’s the only Forester I like. I’ve read it a few times over the years. It really nails the digital age. I used to have a copy in a pretty little odd shaped paper back, but I lent it to my good friend’s boyfriend several years […]

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