More Overheard in Brooklyn

I’ve been listening as I walk around Brooklyn. I’ve been listening in the elevator of my office building. I’ve been listening in C’s occupational and physical therapy waiting rooms. People talk. They talk to each other. They talk to themselves. People talk to train cars full of people. People talk to whoever will listen. I […]

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Watching people begin

Some people I know on Facebook got engaged. Everybody liked it, I liked it. They are smiling in their picture. They are happy. They are gleeful that they have this chance to begin together. Once upon a time, I myself began in a similar way, but without the photos, and without anybody liking it very […]

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Life as a rogue asteroid

It’s okay. We don’t have to talk. It’s been a rough week, and it’s only almost Thursday. I feel a little eaten up by the world this week, by my little corner of the city, by my new computer that will only intermittently turn on, by kids growing out of shoes faster than I can […]

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Fever Pitch Fall

Every year, fall is the time of year when I try to figure out what to do with my life. Every fall, without fail, whether I want to or not, I find myself taking stock of my life, find it riddled with flaws, and try to determine what to do next. I’m basically a person […]

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Why you can’t DIY FringeNYC

FringeNYC is serious. FringeNYC is a beast. She is big, and fierce, and I’m personifying as female because she is a disciplined and organized mama, with 187 kids and a burning need to do right by all of them. FringeNYC has two full time employees, but an army of seasonal part-timers, interns, and volunteers surge […]

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I’m sorry, Laura Mueller.

Dave and I were taking about being assholes the other day. We were waking far, taking the long way to the subway, after spending money we didn’t quite have on a meal just so we could eat together the two of us, a thing that never happens. When we we’d finished our feast and made […]

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Good morning, commute

Upon entering my morning commute (much earlier than I used to do: 8 am v. 10 am, as part of my whole be-better-at-my-job-type-job initiative), I’m recalling an article I read a while back about a performance artist in LA. This performance artist in LA had turned down a project with Marina Abramovic at LACMA or […]

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Kierkegaard, Daft Punk, and me

Things I was thinking about while writing this morning and listening to Instant Crush and Lose Yourself to Dance specifically, but really the whole record, on eternal repeat: This from Kierkegaard: Whatever can be the meaning of this life? If we divide mankind into two large classes, we can say that one works for a […]

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