Radio Mara Mara

Radio Mara Mara is about believing in things when the obvious answer is not to.

Radio Mara Mara was a li88y inc in association with blue box world production, presented in The New York International Fringe Festival
a production of The Present Company, at The Kraine Theater, NYC, August, 2013.

Soundtrack now available for download!

photo 1

In an abandoned radio station in the Mara hills around a bombed out capital city, the DJ and the Archivist dig into their country’s past to try to determine their future. Hand made custom props, and brand new covers by brand new bands set the tone.

written by Libby Emmons, directed by Ali Ayala
starring: Christopher Burris & Zoe Metcalfe-Klaw

Voice over actors play Mara Mara notables, luminaries, legends, and artists. Carol London as the first lady, Imran W. Sheikh as a prodigal filmmaker, John Wu as the star of the hit film Faster Faster Go Go Go, Havilah Brewster as a tormented performance artist, David Marcus as a field reporter, Shawn Randall as E.G. Fukiyama himself, C.B.E. Marcus as Sammy Mita, and Ali Ayala as pop icon Linds Halloway.

This brand new soundtrack, which will be available for download, features:
Stacy Rock covering N.W.A.’s Fuck the Police
Mayday Radio covering Madonna’s Lucky Star
Brief View of the Hudson covering The Cure’s Friday I’m in Love
Kaylin Clinton covering M83’s Midnight City
Grace McLean covering the Beastie Boys’ Intergalactic
Jasme Kelly covering Drake’s Started from the Bottom
James Pravasilis and Shawn Randall on Song for Calder Square, channeling Mara Mara legend E.G. Fukiyama.


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