talking RMM

We did some mini-interviews with the collaborators, where we get personal about RMM. Here they are.

Life is where you live it: Imran W. Sheikh
Vikings got shit done: James Pravasilis
Prosecco: Havilah Brewster
Get out before they close the bridges: Ali Ayala
It worked for Forrest Gump: Grace McLean
Guitar J: Mayday Radio
Exiled from countries that commonly sell passion fruit: Kaylin Lee Clinton
…that would probably slow me down: Zoe Metcalfe-Klaw
I have never traveled anywhere without it: Maile Hamilton
I wouldn’t run to the border, I’d walk: David Marcus
He-Man Figures: Christopher Burris
Everything in my life should be scannable: Libby Emmons
I’d stay and loot: my babysitter
I’d be a good emperor: Brad Rothbart
I am that non practical thing: A Brief View of the Hudson


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