one acts

 Radio Mara Mara
In an abandoned radio station in the hills around a bombed out capital city, the DJ and the Archivist come to terms with the world that’s left them behind.
Midwinter Madness Short Play Festival, NYC, Feb 2013 

leaving last night

Set in the squeamish morning after, as last night’s events sink in, leaving last night is a web of texts, connecting and disconnecting five people trying to navigate human interaction. 3 women, 1 man. 30 minutes. Elephants on Parade, EBE Ensemble, NYC, NY 2010 

Connie in Detroit
A woman in trouble, 1955, leaves her Italian enclave in Brooklyn for her younger brother’s home in Detroit, only to have her troubles track her down. Maybe in the end they’re of her own making. 2 women, 2 men. 40 minutes. Bowery Poetry Club; TARTE Festival; both NYC, 2011

Carla’s gone with her mom Lynn on a business trip to California. Sitting on the beach, before they go back East, they confront their fears about each other, their selves, and learn that sometimes the most important thing is shared laughter. 2 women. 40 minutes.

Jack and Kat find themselves missing their close friends after a series of tragic deaths, and look back at their friendship together, and all the wild things they used to do. Based on true events in the authors life. Smoke, Philadelphia, PA, 2002

Sucky Candy
42 short scenes on the meaning of life, and other first-world problems. 1 man, 1 woman, 40 minutes. Reading: Oberon Theater Ensemble, 2007; Landsdale Art Fest, Landsdale, PA, 2001


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