Libby has written over 70 short plays. These are some favorites. If you’d like to read one, contact Libby and she’ll send it to you.

As two women realize their lives are in first-world free fall, they try to decide whether to abandon the social order for good.
2 women, 10 mins
Sticky @ Bowery Poetry Club; Dixon Place; The Back Porch; all NYC 2012
upcoming publication: Smith & Kraus’ “Best 10-Minutes Plays 2013”

Being Essential
Penny and Eve haven’t seen in other since they broke up years ago. They’ve both moved on with their lives. If only they could forget that one, fateful decision.
1 man, 1 woman, 10 mins
Sticky @ Bowery Poetry Club 2011
Finalist Heideman Award 2011

Miri and Noah really want to have an affair with each other, and they just might.
1 woman, 1 man, 10 mins
Sticky @ Bowery Poetry Club; Theater for the New City; both NYC, 2012

Wanting It
Becca and Shelley want sensory overload, and they want it now.
2 women, 10 mins
Acorn Pictures’ LIVEWorks, LA, 2008; Working Man’s Clothes, NYC, 2007
Finalist Heideman Award 2010

Please Don’t Talk So Loud
In an age where every sexual practice is permissible, Eliel is turned on by absolutely everything. Anna titillates but never satisfies, and Mary gets off on the only thing that is truly taboo: keeping her desires to herself.
2 woman, 1 man, 10 minutes
Sticky @ Bowery Poetry Club; Under Saint Marks; Altruistic Theater Co.; all NYC, 2011

R U 610?
A family reunion of sorts, when the offspring of one over-zealous sperm donor decide to meet up for the first time.
6 women, 1 men, 15 minutes
Williamstown Theatre Co commission, Williamstown, MA, 2006; Sticky @ Bowery Poetry Club, NYC, 2008

No One Gives Goats to the Homeless
Kate and her sister have to decide how much they’ll risk their own comfort to help someone else, a real hard decision when that someone else is their mother.
3 woman, 12 mins
Sticky @ Bowery Poetry Club, NYC, 2009

The Worm Turns at the Fort Peck Hotel
Renewed rivalries mix with ghosts and meth when the best friends of the bride find themselves as the last die-hard revelers at her wedding reception.
2 women, 1 man, 10 mins
Sticky @ Bowery Poetry Club; LaMama Etc.; both NYC, 2007

At the Seashore
Three teenagers on a beach discover what appears to be a 3″ pink alien.
2 men, 1 woman, 15 mins
Crown Point Festival, NYC, 2007; Manhattan Theatre Source, NYC, 2003


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