short list of things I want

In the spirit of cleaning house of those objects that do not produce joy, I am endeavoring to clean heart and mind of those things that I want. I don’t want to want these things. I don’t want to want any things at all. I want to not want but to pursue. Alex Arcadia made […]

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These are your shakers!

And with that proclamation C reaches over and grabs my breasts. I explain to him that they are not shakers, not even maracas. I tell him that they are breasts, that they are part of my body, and that when he was a baby they made milk to nourish him. He doesn’t care about that. […]

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Rene Ricard’s Typewriter

li88y with David Marcus We met the typewriter before we met the man. Even before we knew the poems, we knew the typewriter. A slick, pastel blue and white, portable thing that weighed a ton and fit in its own special case. It was the prize possession of our friend Chris Kelley, because it had […]

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today in my life.

I’m sitting here in my kitchen begging my child to have some independent play time. He’s been sick for a few days, and today his whining reached a fever pitch. I would like a few minutes to sit alone and collect my thoughts. I will type for as long as I have, and see what […]

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