The New Homeless Man

Just a few steps down the block from us and across the street is a traffic triangle, dotted with trees and ringed with benches; a green space, as we say in urbania. For as long as we’ve lived in our second floor two bedroom, so too has a 50-something homeless couple lived in the triangle. […]

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“Marriage is a daily choice” — talking The Baker’s Wife with Barrie Gelles

I feel simpatico with anyone who went to Sarah Lawrence College when I was there in the mid-late 1990’s, and Barrie Gelles is one of those people. When I met her again making theater downtown in the 2000’s, it was “let’s work together on something immediately” at first sight. She directed for Sticky at Bowery […]

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More Overheard in Brooklyn

I’ve been listening as I walk around Brooklyn. I’ve been listening in the elevator of my office building. I’ve been listening in C’s occupational and physical therapy waiting rooms. People talk. They talk to each other. They talk to themselves. People talk to train cars full of people. People talk to whoever will listen. I […]

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Overheard in Brooklyn

On Remsen Street: A thin kid in a St Francis College sweatshirt and some low-slung skinny jeans approaches an older, professional lady. She doesn’t see him at first, she’s having a heated convo on the cell. He speaks, inaudibly low. “Huh?” She says. He repeats his request. She pulls the cell from her ear, looks […]

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