giving gifts: bah! humbug.

My son’s backpack came home from school yesterday stuffed full of gifts. “Christopher gave me a Playmobile guy!” He said, “and Valentina gave me an activity book. I got Hershey kisses, and candy canes!” He was so excited, but with every addition to the list of loot the knot in my stomach tightened. Why? Why […]

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5 Waters Please, Mommy

Washing up quick between courses on Christmas Eve. A voice by my side, my nearly 7 year old son, asking: 5 waters please, mommy. First thought: I’m out here washing up and being asked for something? Second thought: Who does he think he is making demands? Almost give a smirk, almost say: Do I look […]

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Compulsions and Avoidance

I stayed up late playing with Legos last night. More accurately, I stayed up late reinforcing a speedy little yellow vehicle C and I spent much of the afternoon building, racing, breaking, and redesigning. I told myself I wanted to surprise him by nailing it down so it could race all the way down the […]

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