Skool Sux

What I think school sounds like these days for my son: No hitting. No punching. Don’t look at him. Face front. No talking. No silly faces. Sit down. Sit still. Eyes on me. Listen. Don’t touch him. No touching. No hitting. No touching. Stop that. Stop. Face front. Focus. Share. Be nice. Give it back. […]

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NYC DOE evals

School ended last week. I thought it was scheduled to end this week, but instead it ended last week, meaning that we lacked child care for this week, since camp doesn’t start until next week. Of all the weeks to lack child care, this one wasn’t so bad. The weather was nice, I have a […]

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What about school?

“I tell them: you’re gonna be grown up for a long time,” she said “And it’s not that great,” I chimed in. We laughed. We were standing on the corner after morning drop off. Her kid and mine are in the same class at school. I asked her what she thought of it, and we […]

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Present tense/Writing by hand

Standing on the train platform. I just missed one. Listening to countless EPs. People filter down the stairs like powdered sugar through a sifter, and sticky. I wanted to write this by hand but my phone was already here, under my finger tips. We over slept. I’m running late. Dave had to whisk C off […]

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