what lies inside the folder

When C started school this year, his teacher asked parents to get backpacks that would fit an 8.5 x 11 folder. On the first day of school, all the kids showed up wearing backpacks that were almost as big as they were. There were Avengers backpacks, Doc McStuffins backpacks, Elmo backpacks, backpacks that screamed girly […]

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We pulled up to the house and all my stuff was on the sidewalk. Neat piles of childhood possessions stacked atop boxes, atop white furniture gilded with gold trim. I never quite got a handle on my childhood possessions after that. I didn’t have a family anymore, not the one I knew. My brother and […]

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Cloudy in the sick house

Sunday, 09/29, 2 pm I feel all cloudy. I wanted to write so I pulled out my machine. It reminds me that I’d like a new machine. The battery drains too fast on this one. I bought a new battery last year, but it drains just as fast, so now I’d like a new machine. […]

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Why are we all so afraid to grow up?

I recently read something about how adolescence has been extended to 25. Putting aside for a second the probability that the psychologists extending the borders of childhood are likely trying to help people by making these determinations, what is it about adulthood that we so anxious to protect our children from experiencing? Why are we […]

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